About Us

At BlueHorizon Commerce, we deliver for our partners by building businesses that power tomorrow’s economy

The path to greatness

Our name, “BlueHorizon Commerce“, signifies our commitment to exploring new horizons and opportunities in international trade, not only in food but also in the medical sector. We hold trust, stability, and calmness in high regard – symbolized by the color blue – and aim to embody these qualities in our relationships with partners and customers. The company’s vision extends beyond the food industry, aiming to positively impact the medical field by investing in sustainable and innovative solutions.


BlueHorizon Commerce is a collective of impact-driven professionals with more than 60 years of combined experience in the food and medical industries.

Our team is dedicated to sourcing and supplying high-quality, sustainably-produced food products and medical equipment to meet the needs of our clients. With extensive experience spanning several decades in both industries, we have established strong relationships with reputable suppliers and distributors. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional service and value to our clients in the food and medical sectors.